What are the most dangerous toxic substances?


What are the most dangerous toxic substances?

Here are the most dangerous toxic substances with which we can easily get in touch every day.
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Every day we are faced with various toxic substances for our health, but we do not know.

In this article we will tell you which toxic substances are the most dangerous for the body. Pay close attention!

The most dangerous toxic substances
Through various tests, it is possible to determine the toxicity of an element, liquid, gaseous or solid. If you want to know which substances are more toxic to your body, read on: What are the most dangerous toxic substances?

1. Mercury.

For a long time, many manufacturers have stopped producing mercury thermometers, since it has been discovered that this substance is very toxic to our body. Exposure to this element can cause irreparable damage to the kidneys and the brain. Contact with this substance is absolutely forbidden to pregnant women as it causes problems with hearing, vision and memory in children.

Toxic substances
2. Arsenic.

If a person inhales arsenic present in the air, the circulatory system absorbs it according to its solubility (in what quantity it is dissolved in the oxygen that is breathed) and the particle size of the substance (if it has been dosed or not). What are the most dangerous toxic substances?

When the arsenic is ingested through food, the intestine absorbs it quickly and this reaches the blood in a short time. Through the urine a good quantity is eliminated, but it always remains a little in the body and can cause many health problems.

3. Lead.

In our list of substances that are toxic to the body could not miss one of the metals that until a few decades ago was used in paints for the home, in pipes and even dental fillings to repair the cavities. When ingested, lead is not excreted from the body and becomes harmful in a short time.

4. Botulinum toxin.

This toxin is widely used in the cosmetic industry (for example in the known ‘botox’ injected into lips and other parts of the body), but it is one of the most toxic substances in existence. Botulinum neurotoxins can cause muscle paralysis and “stick” to various viruses and bacteria to make them more resistant to drugs. What are the most dangerous toxic substances?

5. Cyanide.

Although it is naturally produced by different plants such as bamboo, sorghum and manioc, when the concentrations of cyanide are too high this substance can poison us and even cause death. The liquid or gaseous cyanide, as well as the alkaline salts of this substance can enter the body through ingestion, inhalation or contact with mucous membranes (eyes, nose) and skin.

What are the most toxic substances?
6. Toluene.

Toluene is another of the most toxic substances in the body and can be found in many objects we have at home: plastic bottles, paints, cosmetics, adhesives, nylon, perfumes … and the list goes on.

Inhalation of toluene can be very dangerous for health, so you need to take some precautions such as wearing masks if you paint a wall, do not breathe gasoline for the car, wear latex gloves while cleaning and look for nail polishes and cosmetics that do not contain this dangerous substance.

7. Polychlorobiphenyls.

These synthetic chemicals were very popular in some commercial industries because of their two main characteristics: stability and non-flammability. Even if there are fewer and fewer products on the market that present polychlorinated biphenyls (or PCBs) among the ingredients, the truth is that they are still found in oil-based paints, in charcoal, in plastics and in the cultivation of certain foods. What are the most dangerous toxic substances?

In the latest research, traces of PCBs were also found in fish such as salmon and several aquatic mammals. To prevent it from entering your body, choose to consume organic products and wash food thoroughly before eating.

8. Tetrodotoxin.

Not all toxic substances are produced in laboratories; some are already present in nature. The most harmful element produced by an animal is tetrodotoxin, which is found in the famous “puffer fish” or “fugu”.

This expensive dish that requires the manipulation of experienced certified chefs can cause instant death by poisoning. A single puffer has enough toxins to kill 30 people. Tetradatoxin is 1,000 times more lethal than cyanide and 100 times more lethal than the venom of a black widow spider. What are the most dangerous toxic substances?


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