25 Simple Tips To Slowly Lose Weight (No Promises Can!)


25 Simple Tips To Slowly Lose Weight (No Promises Can!)

In this article, I’m going to teach you how to lose weight fast and in a healthy way, away from the phony promises of the draconian regimes in fashion. This article will give you tips that you will not find anywhere else on the web. 25 Simple Tips To Slowly Lose Weight (No Promises Can!)

Of course, I do not know your weight, body fat, and other such data. It is therefore impossible for me to predict how many pounds you will lose in how many weeks.

However, I will tell you how to lose weight quickly and healthily through 25 effective tips, all scientifically proven. Here’s what you’ll learn in this article:Simple Tips To Slowly Lose Weight

How many pounds you can lose per week (no absurd promises)
Why ALL diets are based on 4 slimming components
7 psychological tips to lose weight quickly that will surprise you
Why you do not need to play sports to lose weight quickly
How to lose weight quickly and healthily.Simple Tips To Slowly Lose Weight

How does food have the greatest impact?
In a 1997 report, gathering all the studies from the previous 25 years, 90 overweight participants (approximately 90 kilograms) were examined to determine whether diet or physical activity has the greatest impact on weight loss (source).

If we look at studies that report evolution after about 15 weeks, we can see the following results:

Power group: loss of 10.7 kilos
Group physical activity: loss of 2.9 kilos
Group diet + physical activity: loss of 11 kilos
As you can see, diet is much more important than physical activity. A fact that is often given to me in my clients.

I am sometimes criticized for using a 1997 study; recent studies have also shown that diet is much more important than physical activity to lose weight (source). A study conducted in 2007 even showed that the additional physical exercise resulted in a weight loss of only 2.5% (source).

On the basis of these data and experiments, we can assume the following proportions:

The impact of diet on weight loss is such that this is what I focus on here.

If ALL diets were to be collected, we could identify 4 aspects of the diet that affect the weight loss process. It’s the amount of food, the type of food, and the time you eat. Simple Tips To Slowly Lose Weight

Here is a recap:

Food (the most important!), Which can itself be divided according to:
The amount of food
The type of food
The moment we eat
Physical activity (the effort)
Stress management (relaxation)
The mentality / state of mind
I will now give you tips for each aspect. Diet is the most important aspect to lose weight quickly, it is the part that gathers most tips.

Food: Eat the right quantities
These tips will help you control the amounts you eat through the management of your body’s hormones or through little psychological tricks. These tips will help you lose weight quickly without doing sports.

Tip to lose weight quickly n ° 1: Eat more slowly
As obvious as it may seem, this simple trick has a surprising impact.

People who eat fast are 115% more likely to be overweight than people who eat slowly (source). In a study of 529 men, participants who reported eating “very quickly” gained twice as much weight in 8 years as participants who ate at a “slow” or “average” rate (source).

How to explain this?

Well, once you’ve eaten, your body gets rid of ghrelin, the hormone of hunger. In addition, it secretes three appetite suppressant hormones (source).

These hormones send the brain the signal that you are full. The only problem is that this process takes about 20 minutes!

Eating more slowly has a big impact on weight loss. There are several reasons for this:

The feeling of hunger is removed and the feeling of satiety is felt faster.
We eat in smaller amounts, which leads to consuming 10% fewer calories (source)
Chews more, which leads to consuming 15% fewer calories (source)
The rise in blood glucose is less important, which facilitates the burning of fat.
* You can not add the calories reduction from points 2 and 3 above, because they overlap.

Summary tip 1: Eat more slowly. You will be satisfied faster and consume fewer calories.

Tip to lose weight quickly nº2: Eat protein at breakfast
Many people start the day eating carbohydrates such as bread or muesli. This is the missed opportunity to lose weight in one or a few weeks.

If you want to lose weight quickly, it’s better not to do this everyday.

Eating carbohydrates right from the breakfast has the following disadvantages:

The body begins to tap into sugars and immediately stops burning fat
Sugar … calls sugar. Your body will ask for more quickly.
Carbohydrates lead to high insulin production, which at high levels leads to fat storage.
In the morning, it is better to replace carbohydrates with proteins. Studies have shown their satiating effect. Here’s how to eat protein can help you lose weight quickly:

We think of eating 60% less often (source)
The desire to eat a snack in the evening decreases by 50% (source)
We eat more than 400 calories less per day! (source)
Protein is your ally to reduce the number of calories you absorb and lose weight quickly.

By the way, the idea that eggs are bad for your cholesterol or that they increase the risk of cardiovascular disease is a myth (source, source). This belief is now obsolete.

Tip to lose weight quickly nº3: Drink water before meals
Drinking water can speed up your weight loss, especially if you drink water before meals.

A study of adults and seniors showed that drinking half a liter of water before meals accelerated weight loss by 44% over a 12-week period (source).

There are two explanations for this:

Drinking half a liter of water before a meal reduces hunger and leads to eating less
Studies show that 24 to 30% more calories are burned per hour after drinking half a liter of water (source, source)
It often happens that we confuse hunger with thirst. Start by drinking a glass of water (or a cup of green tea) to see if you are really hungry, or if it was thirsty.

Summary Tip # 3: Drink half a liter of water half an hour before each meal. You will stimulate the slimming process by more than 40%!

Psychological Tip # 1: Eat in Small Plates
Several studies show that we eat instinctively less when we use small plates. This is because we perceive the portions differently (source, source).

One fills his plate in the same way, whether it is small or large (source). A large plate that contains a small amount of food makes us feel like we have not eaten. A small plate is quickly filled and gives the impression of eating more.

Replacing plates 32 centimeters in diameter with plates 24 centimeters in diameter leads to eating 27% less on average (source).

Psychological Tip # 2: Drink in Fine, Tall Glasses
One study has shown that using thin, high glasses reduces the amount of ingested drink by 57% (source).

Use fine, tall glasses if you drink alcohol or high calorie drinks. Conversely, use wide glasses when drinking water or tea.

Psychological Tip # 3: Use red plates for food to eat in moderation
Another tip to lose weight quickly: put the food less good for your health in a red plate. You will eat less than if you use a white or blue plate (source). There is a tendency to associate the color red with “stop”.

Psychological Tip # 4: Use Smaller Portions
One study shows that decreasing the size of portions that are used by 45% (500 instead of 900 grams) reduces the amount of food ingested by almost 40% (source). Social pressure can be an explanation when dining at a restaurant or at someone’s house.

Humans also have the characteristic of wanting to finish what they started, what is called in psychology the Zeigarnik effect.

Psychological Tip # 5: Do not Look at Food Ads
People who eat while watching television advertisements of food products consume 28% more food (source).

So beware of TV during meals!

Food: Eating the right foods
Tip to lose weight fast nº4: Give up sodas (even light) and fruit juice
I always have fun finding that many articles that tell you how to lose weight fast begin with “Tip 1: Do not eat sugar.”

Here then ! Thank you, but I did not fall from the last rain!

The problem is that many people never read the list of ingredients and rely solely on the beautiful promises (usually misleading) packaging. And of course, every manufacturer thinks that their product is top!

Remember that you should not eat sugar is not necessary.

What is important to know is that soft drinks and fruit juices are your biggest enemies, because they are simply full of sugar. That’s why I often call sodas and fruit juices “liquid sweets”.

Note that I do not refer to fresh juice. I can only recommend the fresh juices that preserve the fruit fibers and / or vegetables. Indeed, the fibers slow down the absorption of sugars. Juices that no longer contain fiber stimulate the storage of body fat, including belly fat.

Replacing high-calorie drinks such as sodas and fruit juices with water will make you lose weight quickly (source).

Note that light sodas are also to be avoided. These contain artificial sweeteners such as:

Acesulfame-K (E950)
Aspartame (E951)
Cyclamate (E952)
Isomalt (E953)
Saccharin (E954)
Sucralose (E955)
Here are some faint facts about sodas light:

Because of the sweet taste, your body expects sugar and starts making insulin (source). Insulin is the fat storage hormone. It is in particular that it makes you store fat at the belly.
A 14-year study has shown that the risk of diabetes increases more with soft drinks than with conventional soft drinks (source).
This same study has shown that daily consumption of light sodas at the rate of one drink per day increases the risk of diabetes by 33% (source).
Another study associated daily consumption of sodas light with a 67% increase in the risk of type 2 diabetes (source).
According to a study, women who drink light soda drink twice as much soda as women who drink classic soda sugar (source). This is because artificial sweeteners are addictive.
In a rat study, the consequences of artificial sweetener consumption were: the rats ate more, their metabolism was slower and their body fat content increased by 14%, even though they had consumed fewer calories (source).
Super, sodas light, huh? Much better than the classic sweet sodas!

Summary tip # 4: Avoid all sodas (even soft drinks) and fruit juices.

Tip to lose weight quickly nº5: Avoid hidden sugars
Did you know that there is …

44 pieces of sugar in a ketchup bottle?
40 pieces of sugar in a bottle of vinaigrette?
28 pieces of sugar in a small pot of satay sauce?
25 pieces of sugar in a little pot of sauce for pasta?
13 pieces of sugar in yogurt to drink?
The list goes on …

These are very high numbers, but there are also a lot of products that contain smaller amounts of sugar.

To be clearer, only a small number of the products of supermarkets do not contain sugar.

About 80% of supermarket products contain sugar, sometimes hidden behind one of its pseudonyms.

Indeed, sugar has a strange number of pseudonyms. Most end up in “dare” or contain the word “syrup”.

In my opinion, these pseudonyms serve only to confuse consumers. For this we rely on two effective techniques:

If the consumer does not recognize the pseudonym, he concludes that the product does not contain sugar.
Manufacturers are required to indicate the main ingredients of their products at the top of the list. If the manufacturers divide the sugar into several names, it is much easier for them to be listed later, which will lead the consumer to conclude that the sugar content of the product is low.
All these techniques come under the concept of “clean labeling” which is not to improve products, but to present them in a better light (or rather, less bad), unrepresentative of reality.

Summary tip 5: How to lose weight fast if you consume a ton of sugar without your knowledge? Always read the ingredient list of the products and detect the sugars hidden behind nicknames.

Tip to lose weight quickly nº6: Limit carbohydrates
Western man eats way too much carbohydrate. When we compare our current system with that of hunter-gatherer societies, we realize how much we have gone astray.

In a 2000 study, scientists revealed the average amount of carbohydrate hunter-gatherers eat (source). If we confront this data with our modern diet, this gives this:

Summary Tip # 6: Go back to the amount of carbohydrate our ancestors ate on a low carbohydrate diet.

Tip to lose weight quickly nº7: Eat more fiber
I have already briefly mentioned the fibers, pointing out the absence of these in fruit juices. These also contain a lot of sugar.

A combination that guarantees you significant peaks in blood sugar. Consuming fruit juice leads to a large production of insulin, which promotes the storage of fat.

Adding fiber to your diet will reduce this effect. Fiber is found in vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, chocolate, cereals and beans.

In addition, the fiber satiates faster and therefore makes you eat less (source). This is because the fibers make your stomach drain more slowly (source).

It is therefore recommended to consume one of the products listed at each meal. The best option is to eat a (small) salad with each meal. You can of course add some nuts, fruits, beans, etc.

Summary Tip # 7: Eat more fiber-rich products to speed up weight loss and feel fuller longer.

Psychological Tip # 6: Put a mirror in your kitchen
Research shows that having a mirror in one’s kitchen reduces the amount of unhealthy food ingested by 32% (source).

Psychological Tip # 7: Put Foods to Avoid Out of Reach
Research shows that placing foods to avoid out of reach greatly reduces the risk of eating them. There are two reasons for this :

“Far from the eyes, away from the heart”: for example, keeping candy in a clear jar leads to opening the jar 71% more often and eating 77 calories more per day than when the jar is opaque (source).
So put too tempting foods in a high location and hard to reach in the kitchen or somewhere deep in the cellar.

To lose weight faster more easily, another idea is to simply not buy food that you want to avoid … So, no risk of being tempted!

Food: Eat at the right time
Tip for weight loss nº8: Occasionally jump breakfast.

I hear you already exclaim “Sorry? “. But let me explain …

1) The myth of metabolism

We often hear that it is important to have breakfast to get your metabolism started. At first glance, this theory seems fair, but scientific discoveries prove just the opposite.

Studies have shown that you burn exactly the same number of calories in the day that you consume 2,000 kcal a day during the same meal, or that you spread the same meal in 5 to 6 portions throughout the day (if all other factors are the same). (source, source)

Your metabolism will only slow down if you eat nothing for more than 3 to 4 days (72-96 hours) (source). At this point, you will go into “starvation mode”. When you eat, the calories will be stored more quickly.

Fasting for short periods speeds up the metabolism (source, source). For example, a study of 11 men shows that the metabolism accelerates by 14% during a fast of 3 days (source)

2) Combustion of fat and burning of sugar

If we are addicted to sugar in the West, it is because our body turns to sugar all day long.

The body has two sources of energy:

Sugar (also called glucose, derived from carbohydrates)
Your body can be in one of two modes:

Mode 1: Sugar burning
Mode 2: fat burning
As soon as you eat sugars or carbohydrates, your body IMMEDIATELY begins to burn sugar (you will find an exception to this rule in Tip # 9). This is because burning sugar requires the body less effort than burning fat.

Unfortunately, this means that you do not lose fat.

The solution is simple: increase the number of hours you do not eat. For this, the most convenient way is to skip the breakfast because you then go out (normally) of 7-8 hours of sleep.

A good compromise is to have a carbohydrate FREE breakfast, consisting of protein and fat. However, not eating is much more effective.

3) Health benefits

I could write an entire article on all the health benefits of skipping breakfast.

Here is a list of benefits to not eat for a few hours:

Your sensitivity to insulin increases, which promotes the burning of fat
The human growth hormone hGH increases, which accelerates the burning of graisses
Your blood pressure goes down
If you make a regular practice, your life expectancy increases (up to 30% in rats)Etc.

Summary Tip # 8: Skip breakfast 1-3 times a week and wait around 12:00 to eat. There is no need to reduce your food intake on the day.

Tip to lose weight # 9: Eat carbohydrates and proteins after physical activity
In the previous tip, I explain that when you give sugar to the body, including carbohydrates, it starts IMMEDIATELY to use sugars as fuel.

There is one exception to this rule. If you eat carbohydrates after exercise, you will continue to burn fat.

This is because after exercise, your sugar reserves (also known as glycogen) are partially or completely depleted. The carbohydrates you eat are then used to replenish them (source).

If you want to burn fat all day long, eat your carbohydrates after your workout. On the other hand, carbohydrates help your muscles recover because they activate the human growth hormone hGH.

If you do not eat carbohydrates at all and exercise intensively, you run the risk of suffering from it in the long run because it is difficult for your muscles to recover (source).

Eat protein to gain muscle. Ladies, this recommendation also applies to you: the more muscle mass you have, the faster you will burn fat.

Tip # 9: Eat carbohydrates after exercise to help your muscles recover and keep burning fat. Combine them with protein to build muscle mass and increase the speed at which you burn fat.

Physical activity
Tip to lose weight quickly n ° 10: Practice the interval training
For physical activity, people often blindly turn to cardio. Yeah, cardio is sport. It must therefore help to lose weight.

That’s right, but prolonged cardio exercises have some disadvantages:

A large production of cortisol, an anti-stress hormone. This hormone promotes the storage of fat, especially at the level of the abdominal belt.
A decrease in testosterone, a hormone that stimulates the burning of fat.
Their effect on insulin sensitivity is rather low, so fat storage does not necessarily diminish.
There is a way to train that burns up to 7 times more fat: split training. With this type of training, it is not a question of maintaining the same pace over the entire duration.

On the contrary, split training is divided into short periods of time, for example, 30 seconds of high intensity exercise, then 10 seconds of recovery.

If you’re doing a 5-minute warm-up and a 5-minute cool down, a workout lasts about 20 minutes.

If you do 3 times 20 minutes of split, you will get MUCH more results than if you do cardio sessions of the same duration or longer.

You do not have much time and you want the maximum results?

ABANDON the cardio and put yourself in the interval training.

Tip # 10: Fractional training burns fat much faster than cardio. A big boost if you want to lose weight fast.

Tip to lose weight fast n ° 11: Play sports before the meal
This is advice you will not find anywhere on the internet.

This tip will help you limit your insulin production.

As you know now, insulin production is too high to avoid at all costs if you want to lose weight quickly: it promotes fat storage, especially in the abdominal region.

This is not a practice only recommended to those who want to know how to lose weight fast. It also benefits diabetic patients because it helps to be less dependent on insulin.

To sum up, insulin is the key to accessing cells. Without insulin, the cells can not be supplied with energy in the form of glucose (sugars).

Once the cells of the muscles and liver are fed with glucose, the body must store any excess glucose somewhere. The body therefore produces additional insulin and stores this glucose in the form of fat cells. Ouch!

If on the contrary you make physical effort just before eating, GLUT4 will supply insulin-dependent muscle cells with energy.

This has two major advantages:

Because GLUT4 provides glucose to cells instead of insulin, you become more insulin sensitive, which will benefit you if you have diabetes or want to lose weight (source)
GLUT4 allows cells to absorb a lot more glucose, which drastically reduces

t the risk of fat storage (source)
Want to prevent fat storage? Exercise before meals. This tip is an extension of tip # 9, in which I recommend to consume carbohydrates after training.

Certainly, you will not be able to insert a long workout before each meal. An idea is to make a short effort like the bur pees. Discover what bur pees are:

Tip # 11: Make a physical effort (burpees for example) just before eating to be more sensitive to insulin and store less fat.

Stress management
Stress is a theme that is too often overlooked when you want to lose weight. When you’re stressed, you’re more likely to store fat. How to lose weight fast in these conditions?

Tip to lose weight quickly nº12: Avoid chronic stress
Stress makes you produce more cortisol, an anti-stress hormone. If it is a short-term stress, for example in case of surprise or excitement, no problem. The problem is when this stress is chronic / prolonged.

High levels of cortisol result in the storage of fat in the abdominal region (source). In addition, they increase blood sugar (source), making weight loss more difficult.

Following a very low calorie diet can also increase your stress levels and increase your production of cortisol (source).

Cortisol is not your enemy: it is the hormone that reduces the harmful effects of stress. Cortisol is not such a bad thing but the sign that you are stressed.

In this respect, it can be compared to cholesterol. High cholesterol is a consequence of an unhealthy lifestyle and is intended to help you ensure the proper performance of your body’s processes. Cholesterol therefore has the role of helping you; it’s not your enemy.

Here are several ways to reduce your stress levels drastically:

Meditate: this can reduce your cortisol level by 20% (source)
Add plants to your home or workplace: they can reduce stress by around 15% (source, source)
Listen to music
Do not go on a draconian diet
Watching TV or a calm or comic film
Summary Tip # 12: Relax to Avoid Chronic Stress

Tip to lose weight fast n ° 13: Get enough sleep
This tip joins tip # 12, in which I advise you to relax to keep a low cortisol.

Sleep has a huge impact on the weight loss process. Here are some results from different studies:

Lack of sleep is associated with a 55% higher risk of obesity in adults and 89% in children (source)
Lack of sleep leads to fluctuations in the hormones leptin and ghrelin, which disrupt the appetite (source)
When pilots miss 15 hours of sleep a week, their cortisol levels increase by 50 to 80% (source)
Some people may need a little more, but never more than 9 hours.

Here are some tips for sleeping well:

Do not expose yourself to screens after 8 pm or so, use the Flux program to filter the blue light. On Android phones, use Twilight and Apple phones, Night Shift (built into Apple devices since iOS 9.3 update)
Do not drink drinks that contain caffeine in the evening (coffee, cola, green tea, etc.)
Use the SleepCycle app to monitor the quality of your sleep
Sleep according to your biorhythm and go to bed at the same time every night
If you can not sleep, do not look at the time, which will only stress you
Summary Tip 13: Get enough sleep to avoid stress and regulate your appetite.

The mentality / state of mind
Mindset and state of mind are also neglected themes in weight loss. For lack of a good state of mind, you will only lose weight for one or two weeks, then it will be the yoyo effect.

Tip for weight loss nº14: intrinsic or extrinsic motivation?
When I talk to people who want to lose weight, whether in my practice or in life, I often hear “I MUST lose weight”. I often find this comment in the testimonials that I receive by e-mail.

The verb “must” is revealing … that the necessity comes from the outside. These people do not begin to lose weight for themselves, but for others.

There are two main motivations:

Lose weight for your partner or others in your immediate environment
Losing weight to meet certain social expectations
If you want to lose weight for another person, your motivation is extrinsic. Your motivation should be intrinsic. The only person who wants to lose weight is you!

Replace “I MUST lose weight” with “I WANT to lose weight” and give the reasons. The best is to write them down: this will help you act accordingly.

Summary tip # 14: Think “I WANT to lose weight” (intrinsic motivation) instead of “I MUST lose weight” (extrinsic motivation).

Weight Loss Tip # 15: Do not Design Food as a Way to Fill
Many people confuse eating and filling up their stomachs. It’s a shame, because the food we eat serves completely different purposes.

Here are the two main objectives:

Bring you energy
Bring you nutrients
If you focus more on these two goals, you will automatically start eating healthier.

Hunger signals are not an invitation to fill your belly: their goal is to get you to absorb the right sources of energy and the right nutrients.

Tip Tip # 15: Feed yourself to meet your energy and nutrient needs, not to fill your stomach.

Tip to lose weight quickly # 16: Look for support
To increase your chances of losing weight quickly, seeking support is a very good idea.

This makes it possible not to go alone. Several options are available to you:

Find a friend with whom you train
Talk about your weight loss goals to family members and friends who can support you
Join a group, for example, a training group or a cooking club.
All of these solutions can bring you that little more motivation and inspiration you need.

Tip Tip # 16: Find support from friends, family, or groups who share your goal.

Quick Weight Loss Tip # 17: Set Realistic Goals
“You overestimate what you can accomplish in the short term and you underestimate what you can do in the long run. ”

We often tend to set unrealistic goals, such as losing a lot of weight in a short time. The objective being unattainable, it is the insured failure.

This trend is however easy to understand: the internet is full of this type of unrealistic promises. Even if I try to inform about it, some people are completely unaware of the message I am trying to convey.

It seems that the desire to believe that it is possible to lose weight at a blazing speed is so intense that it overshadows any realistic reasoning. It amounts to trying to convince a religious person that God does not exist … You try hard, you will not succeed.

I meet many people with very high short-term expectations who fail and lose motivation.

Meanwhile, they forget the long-term goals, often underestimated. The same thing happens with start-up entrepreneurs: they want to become millionaires in their first year of business, but they do not think about the size of their business after 5 or 10 years of work.

Set realistic weight loss goals, and divide as much as possible. You will be able to consider each intermediate objective achieved as a victory over yourself. This will allow you to positively reinforce your behavior.

Summary Tip # 17: To keep your motivation low, set yourself realistic goals and consider each goal reached (even the smallest) as a victory.

Tip to lose weight quickly nº18: Follow a fast diet?

But here’s what’s behind this question: “The scheme I’m trying to follow is really sad; how not to give up? ”

This is a completely wrong approach.

In general, diets are not attractive because they prohibit you from the foods you want to eat. As you do everything to suppress these cravings, you spend all your time thinking about foods that you are not allowed to eat.

In the end, all the efforts you make to block and repress your thoughts only intensify your desires.


What are you thinking then? Good answer: chocolate.

Summary tip # 18: Think “I could but I do not want it” instead of “I want it, but I can not.”

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