4 foods that make you fat and you do not know,some of their benefits.


4 foods that make you fat and you do not know.

There are some foods that, for some of their benefits, would seem harmless. In reality they could be unexpected enemies that make you gain weight and you do not know it
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Are you on a diet and do not you understand why you can not lose weight? Perhaps because you are consuming foods that even if they seem healthy, they are not. Below we will explain what are some of these foods that make you fat and we propose how to replace them with other healthier foods and suitable for your purpose.

Much of the blame is market strategies that make believe that some foods are healthy when it is not. Periodically appear new fashions that propose foods presented as better and healthy. As you will see, most of the foods we offer are very fashionable and their consumption is widespread.

1. The sushi.

It is the first of the foods that will make you gain weight. It is a very popular dish for some years now. This traditional Japanese food has crossed the borders to get to the rest of the world as a healthy and varied dish that any person can consume. But is it really like that?

woman eating sushi foods that make you fat
In reality, sushi is not as healthy as it appears because many of the ways it is prepared involve the use of unhealthy sauces, fries and condiments. Also it is not recommended to eat sushi for dinner because it contains a large amount of carbohydrates that you will not go to dispose of, but to accumulate in the form of fat.

If you go to eat sushi, we suggest you opt for low-calorie fillings and prefer lunchtime. Also, you should avoid eating sushi accompanied with a large quantity of sauces. You must also discard some preparations that are far from tradition, such as fried sushi or very fat cheeses. foods that make you fat and you do not know.

The healthiest types of sushi:

Maki. Maki is the simplest type of sushi. It is white rice wrapped in a characteristic seaweed with little stuffing of raw fish, usually tuna or salmon.

Niguiri. It is an elongated rice ball garnished with a shrimp, a thin slice of tuna or salmon.

2. Dried fruit.

The dried fruit is simply fruit to which the water has been removed. Many people consume it as a healthy snack to keep in stock and ready for use when a little hungry arrives. It is also customary to eat it for breakfast or together with yogurt. Since it is a totally dehydrated food, it would seem to contain fewer calories, but in reality it does not.

tray of dried fruit
Fruit dehydration decreases the volume, but does not affect the nutrients. These remain intact together with calories even if in a more concentrated form. The risk that you run in eating nuts is that, due to the reduced volume, without realizing it you could consume even 3 or 4 portions of fruit. In addition sometimes dried fruit can even contain added sugars.

Dehydrated fruit should never be a substitute for fresh fruit and we should also remember that it is better to consume it with healthy food and exercise regularly. You can eat dried fruit, but in the right quantity and always taking care that it does not contain added sugar. foods that make you fat and you do not know.

3. Cereal bars.

woman eats an energy bar
Cereal bars are a healthy and perfect snack to eat between meals and to keep the line. Our advice is that you prepare your cereal bars yourself, taking care not to use unhealthy ingredients. These snacks are easily prepared and can be stored for up to two weeks.

The bars that you can find in any supermarket have high levels of sugar and fat. In addition, most also contain yoghurt flakes, pieces of chocolate or jam, ingredients that are not recommended at all for those who want to follow a diet to lose weight.

4. The avocado.

Avocado is a food that has become very fashionable in recent times. It is a versatile fruit that can be consumed as guacamole, to toast or in salads. Many people consider it a healthy and perfect fruit to add to any meal. The truth is that the avocado has absolutely nothing to do with fruits like orange, banana or apple.

avocado and guacamole foods that make you fat
The avocado contains 160 calories for every 100 grams of product. In addition, it contains 16 grams of fat and 8.5 grams of carbohydrates. It is therefore important to know that if you use it as an ingredient in a dish, you are actually adding a considerable amount of calories to your meal. foods that make you fat and you do not know.


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