The 5 most pleasant positions for the woman.


The 5 most pleasant positions for the woman.

Did you know that certain positions can favor female orgasm? They also allow you to vary your sex life and make the relationship with your partner spicier
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In sexual encounters, it is always good to improvise. However, if you want to get a fun, enjoyable and memorable relationship, it is good to know first the positions that can improve the quality of sex.

For women, it can be more difficult to reach the climax since it is necessary to know how to stimulate the clitoris, the G-spot and other erogenous zones that, together, help them to reach the maximum level of excitement.

Some sexual positions favor this experience by offering maximum pleasure. Although it may vary depending on the person and the sexual act, it is always better to know them and know why they are so pleasant for women.

Positions more pleasant for the woman.

1. On all fours
Sexual position.

It is one of the most known positions and adopted by sexually active couples. The woman gets on all fours and lets herself be penetrated from behind by the man, who rests on his knees.

It is one of the most pleasant positions for the woman because it stimulates the G point to the maximum and offers incredible sensations in the walls of the vagina and in the clitoris.
The man has his hands free, so he can stimulate any part of the woman.
The penetration depth is greater and can produce different degrees of excitation depending on the speed and force applied.
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2. Indra.

This position allows to deeply stimulate the G-spot of the woman, therefore it favors more intense sensations and orgasms.

The woman lies down on her stomach, with her legs bent and her feet resting on her partner’s chest, lying on the bed.

Man can vary the rhythm of penetration and offer greater excitement to the woman thanks to the movement of her testicles.
The woman has her hands free with which she can caress her partner or stimulate her breasts.

3. Lives.

Sexual position vine
It is one of the most suitable positions for women who hardly reach orgasm.

The woman lies on her stomach on the edge of the bed and stretches her legs forming an L with the bust to the side. The man gets on his knees.

It allows to reach point G and to stimulate the clitoris with the friction of the vaginal lips and the penetration.
The breast is in front of the man who, having his hands free, can caress it.
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4. Andromache.

Women often prefer this position because, remaining above the man, they have greater control over rhythm and movement.

The feeling of power on the partner and physical proximity guarantees an experience of immense pleasure.
The woman can control the depth of penetration and the rhythm according to her sensitivity.
Man can simultaneously stimulate different erogenous zones, such as the breast, the neck or the clitoris.

5. Courtesan
Courtesan position

This position is very pleasant for women, especially in situations of great adrenaline. It is very convenient and allows you to maintain eye contact with the partner.

The man is kneeling on the floor, while the woman is sitting on the edge of the bed or on a chair. During penetration, the woman can tighten her legs around the partner’s waist.

The position can also be achieved with the man standing and the woman on a high surface.

It allows for a wider range of pelvic movements.
The penetrations are deeper and reach the point G.
It requires little physical effort, so it is possible to enjoy longer sexual acts.
Have you already tried these positions with your partner? It’s time to say enough to the routine.

We certainly can not deny that the classic position of the missionary gives great pleasure, but we must adopt other positions to have more intense sexual relations.

It is good to fantasize, to resort to sex toys and, in general, to try any method that can improve stimulation.


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