7 myths about oral sex and its consequences for health.


7 myths about oral sex and its consequences for health.

To avoid the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, when practicing oral sex, it would be good to use condoms.
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The oral sex has always been seen as an alternative to penetration as well as a fundamental part of the sex that does not involve a possible pregnancy.

There are famous people (like Michael Douglas or Bruce Dickinson) who have fueled the myths about oral sex and its possible health consequences.

Some risks of oral sex for health.

Experts say when we talk about fellatio and cunnilingus, these practices pose risks if there are open injuries in the mouth.

The same happens if the woman has menstruation.

Further, if the person suffers from syphilis, the risk of contagion with the practice of oral sex is amply demonstrated.

Is it bad to practice oral sex?

The answer is no, in general terms. It is a way to express sexuality, a pleasant, satisfying practice that most couples and cultures share.

What we must take into account, however, is that when you practice, we must do it with responsibility, respect, hygiene, and two precautions.

Random “meetings”
Couple kissing.

It would seem that this practice has been extended, especially among young people, when it is hardly known.

In this type of meetings, the fear of an unwanted pregnancy leads to oral sex rather than penetration.

Another reason why oral sex is chosen is that it is simpler to achieve, in terms of time and need for space.

Proper protection.

Who is oral sex is practiced. If it is a promiscuous person, we run

Many specialists advise not to have sex without protection

When practicing fellatio, the man should wear a condom.

Special condoms for oral sex
A couple in bed.

On the market there are special condoms for the practice of fellatio, which allow greater tranquility: there are different types and aromas.

There are also condoms to practice cunnilingus whose use avoids direct contact with the mucosa.

The myth about cancer
It is one of a kind of cancer that causes it.

In the case of oral cavity cancer (larynx or throat), the human papillomavirus can be one of the causes. However, this does not mean that oral sex always causes cancer.

Possible risks caused by oral sex in women
Man and woman in intimacy.

This is another false myth handed down over time. By now we are freer and some taboos on sex, imposed by traditional religions and morality, have now been abandoned.

In many cases, women prefer to practice oral sex to receive it, because they know that their partners particularly appreciate it.

This is a manifestation of being loved, desired and value.

Advice for oral sex to be safe.

As we have seen, if you have open injuries in the mouth, caries, dental equipment, etc.
Hygiene and prevention are necessary. Do not use dental floss or brush before using it, as it may cause injury to the gums. It is advisable to use mouthwash before and after oral sex.
Pay attention to cuts, wounds, bubbles, and secretions or inflammation of the other person’s genital organs. In these cases, it is good to avoid oral sex.
Using condoms is always convenient, not only when it comes to penetration, but also when it comes to oral sex.


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