Anal sex, can it be dangerous for your health?

anal sex

Anal sex, can it be dangerous for your health?

anal sex
Since the area is not equipped with natural lubrication, it is important to apply a lubricant to avoid injury or discomfort during anal sex.
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Limiting sexual intercourse to the genitals alone prevents one from experimenting and enjoying the most during the act. However, the dangers of anal sex worry many people.

What is anal sex?

It is defined as the sexual practice during which the penis is introduced or an erotic toy in the anus and in the partner’s rectum. Although it was practiced even in Ancient Greece, it is a taboo for many today.

In fact, some people consider it an unnatural act compared to vaginal coitus.

Disinformation in this regard is such that it is considered an exclusive practice of homosexuals and bisexuals, and they ignore the benefits or the ways in which they enjoy it.

Why is it a pleasant activity?

anal sex
In reality, anal penetration offers great pleasure, as during the act the clitoris is stimulated from the rectum up to the pelvic area.

In psychological terms, then, prohibited acts become aphrodisiacs. This is due to the fact that it is a practice that is considered new, which makes it even more exciting. Anatomically, in addition, the anal area contains a large number of nerve fibers sensitive to touch.

How to lubricate the area?

The anus does not lubricate naturally during intercourse like the vagina. Consequently, penetration is essential with caution, in fact, the muscles of this area do not enjoy the same elasticity.

The use of lubricant is essential; it is also possible to naturally lubricate the area via saliva. In any case, the effect is exhausted early, so you do not have to wait a long time before penetrating.

What is anal stimulation?

The ideal is a combination of penetration and masturbation since it increases the pleasure and relaxes the muscles.

After having decided to have anal sex, one must abandon prejudices. Anal coitus is not only a physical emotion but also a subjective one.

Is anal masturbation there? Yes, it is a method with which one or more fingers are introduced and at the same time, the manipulation of the genitals is carried out. This avoids injury to the walls of the rectum.

What is the cause of pain?

Pain due to anal sex
When the act is done quickly, the muscles are not relaxed and the sphincter is closed. This is the reason why anal sex is painful. It is therefore advisable to carefully follow the different steps.

How to do it?

anal sex
First of all, it is possible to dilate the anal sphincter with the help of a water-based lubricant
Then a finger is slowly introduced into the anus through gentle movements
The goal is to enlarge it progressively until sufficient expansion
Finally, penetration is achieved
It is the only way to avoid pain.

Hygiene and safety.

The mucosa covering the rectal area is likely to contract infections and injuries. In the worst case, an anal fissure. For this reason, we recommend the following:

Hasty penetration causes breakages that produce bleeding and injuries
These, in turn, facilitate the emergence of sexually transmitted diseases such as herpes, gonorrhea or syphilis. Condom use is mandatory
The idea is to wash before and after penetration
You have to have short nails
One of the most frequent fears is that during the act an accident with the feces occurs. In this case, an enema can be made to help clean the rectum.
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Hazardous practices.

Fisting: it is an extreme practice in which one seeks pleasure by dilating the anus through the introduction of all the fingers, the hand or the fist
Creampie: in this case, the man ejaculates in the rectal area
Anilingus: colloquially known as “black kiss”, that is the direct contact of the anus and the mouth of the other person


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