Diet to Lose Weight , Tightening, we have two possibilities.


Diet to Lose Weight


Tightening, we have two possibilities: take it with the washing machine.
Lose weight with the diet
In addition, we are able to feel better about ourselves and more importantly, improves our general psycho physical well being.

Diets of the Last Minute: Risks
What are the risks involved in dieting at the last minute?
Hurry and laziness.

Last-minute slimming diets and extra-minute slimming diets.
Although a weight loss is mainly linked to a short period of time, it may be encouraging (weight scale is mainly linked to the depletion of glycogen stores and dehydration).
Weight loss is actually linked to a reduction in fat mass.

But the troubles do not end there …
The strongly hypo caloric diets can affect the muscle mass saving (proportionally) the fat and laying the foundations for a new weight gain.
If you choose to follow this path the disadvantages are numerous despite the first, apparent, good results.
Baseline metabolic rate two to caloric restriction; Normally, this is opposed to weight loss and as soon as you start eating normally, all of the pounds are reacquired in a short time with lots of interest.
Repeated cycles of loss and weight gain (yoyo diets) encourage the body to increase the ability to preserve fat accumulation.
To be sure, the scientific investigation carried out on the hypothetical reduction of the basal metabolism. it is rather an undesirable effect of the protracted fast. It should be noted that these experiments only examined short-term reactions, leaving an unknown factor concerning the long-term changes of lower but longer-lasting caloric restrictions.Diet to Lose Weight
It can therefore become difficult to lose weight with the simple diet or through the use of slimming products. Here because:

A RESTRICTIVE DIETARY APPROACH (1000- 1200 calories per day). CAN NOT WORK.

Physical activity.

The contribution of a sedentary lifestyle to the development of overweight is very significant.
Today, more and more, many scholars agree that it is linked to an increase in physical activity than to an increased caloric intake.
In America, for example, the average weight of Americans has increased despite the overall caloric intake has fallen by 5-10% in recent years.
Let’s look at some basic points concerning physical physical activity:

Nine times out of ten weight loss program based on food restriction. Despite the good will be in fact abandoned in prey to hunger attacks that frustrated the efforts previously made.Diet to Lose Weight
The only solution to this problem is to increase one’s level of physical motor activity. Such an approach can be considered in many cases to lose weight in the absence of a dietary restriction (referring to the previous normocaloric intake).
In fact, sportsmen have a higher metabolism and this means that their energy consumption is higher even at rest.
Furthermore, sporting practice allows the muscles to be kept intact.
It is therefore necessary to the association of the best performances.

Useful tips to follow in the diet to lose weight.

In case of dieting to lose weight, it may be useful to follow some tips:

Not excessive caloric deficits (at most 500 kcal below the needs).
To quickly calculate your weight and the need to reach it use our automatic calculation form.
To avoid too many temptations, brush your teeth at the end of the meal or put a chewing gum or some sugar- free aromatic candies in your mouth.Diet to Lose Weight Diet to Lose Weight
Eat slowly, this way you feel fuller faster
Run mixed physical activity, alternating exercises of aerobic (exercise bikes, running, walking, sustained, cross country skiing, swimming in duration) with other types of muscle (weights, toning exercises bodyweight, with overload or elastic).Diet to Lose Weight
To obtain the maximum weight-loss effect, physical activity must be protracted over time; only in this way the improvements in body composition and metabolism will be stable and lasting.
Losing weight is important but always with an eye to your health; Therefore, to set your diet, refer to our food advice.


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