The efficacy of the ketogenic diet, When we want to lose weight.


The efficacy of the ketogenic diet.

When we want to lose weight, we desperately seek the perfect diet that allows us to reach our goal quickly. This diet does not exist! We must resign ourselves to follow a diet based on consistency and good planning
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The ketogenic diet is increasingly popular because following it allows you to achieve the desired results. In this article we will talk about this type of nutrition and we will understand if it is really healthy and effective as it seems. The efficacy of the ketogenic diet

Why is the ketogenic diet effective?

The secret of the ketogenic diet is ketosis. Ketosis is the name of a metabolic state in which more fats are burned, both those accumulated in the body and those ingested.

In this way, losing more weight, you lose weight quickly. To reach the state of ketosis you need to eliminate carbohydrates from your diet. These are replaced by healthy fats that will become the main base of the new diet.

weekly diet.

The efficacy of the ketogenic diet is also due to the feeling of satiety it produces. The foods that are consumed are mainly fats, these take time to be digested by delaying the appearance of hunger. The efficacy of the ketogenic diet

The feeling of satiety is important if you want to follow a diet and not abandon it. In general, in low-calorie diets, the feeling of hunger is such that one ends up, sooner or later, in gorging on food or abandoning the diet altogether. With this type of diet you will not have this kind of problems because you will always feel satisfied.

We must emphasize that the ketogenic diet is more effective in the first weeks. It is during this time that you will lose weight faster and you will immediately notice the first results. Later, fat loss will be slower and more progressive.

This reduction in weight loss should be interpreted as something normal, a characteristic of this diet. For no reason you have to lose motivation or think that the ketogenic diet is not working.

Does the ketogenic diet have any drawbacks?

Although it is an effective diet, it has some drawbacks. For this reason it must be adopted for a short (or medium) period of time and always under the supervision of a specialist. In this way you can enjoy all the benefits of this diet without compromising your health.

The main drawback of the ketogenic diet is that, by eliminating carbohydrates, on the one hand we stop the intake of nutrients counterproductive to our diet, on the other hand we stop consuming others that are necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Some of these nutrients are:

The fibers. Fibers are essential for the proper functioning of intestinal transit. A lack of fibers causes constipation. In addition, the fibers help us regulate blood cholesterol levels. For these reasons we should never eliminate them completely, even for a short period of time.

Vitamins and minerals. One of the consequences of the ketogenic diet is the reduction of the intake of vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. You will immediately notice a lack of strength and energy and a feeling of tiredness. The ideal condition is to reach the state of ketosis without interrupting the intake of these nutrients. In this way you will avoid following a diet that is too poor and unhealthy.

Diet is not everything.

The ketogenic diet is limited to eliminating carbohydrates and increasing healthy fats to lose more fat with greater speed. This type of diet, followed for a short (or medium) period of time, can be effective in cases of obesity or overweight. In any case we must remember that, in the long term, we must follow a varied and balanced diet and cook healthy dishes.

Furthermore, we must not forget that physical exercise is an important factor both in terms of losing weight and maintaining good health and allowing the body to function properly.

To lose weight you must not just follow a diet, but you must also do a good physical exercise. It is not necessary to practice high intensity daily, the important thing is to do weekly training routines. Balanced diet and constant exercise are the fundamental pillars of well-being.


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