How to lose weight quickly by 10 kg.


How to lose weight quickly by 10 kg:

10 tips that do not work separately Exhaust yourself with the question of how to lose weight quickly?! “I would take it in parts, but I need it right away,” the mood of anyone who decided to get rid of extra kilos ideally agrees with the decisive motto of Ostap Bender. You can go on a strict diet and soon see the desired result, but, alas, what is easily gone is easy and will return. And you can approach the weight loss systemically, and, honestly looking at the reasons that led to the need to change the weight, get rid of them in one fell swoop. Immediately so immediately! So, here are some practical tips on how to quickly lose weight by 10 kg or so … Advertising To lose weight quickly, you do not have to condemn yourself to starvation and put your health at risk: a strong correction of eating habits will bring noticeable results in a couple of weeks. During this time, in addition, you will learn to resist the pernicious temptations of sweet snacks and reveal the flavors of fresh vegetables. How to lose weight fast: the great power of order Smart planning is the mother of success, whether it is a question of career aspirations, a military operation or a search for a way to lose weight quickly. A good start for a well-thought-out meal is the shopping list. Having spent a little thinking and creative work on drawing up a detailed menu for the week, you not only save time, effort and money, but also save yourself from the temptation to chew on a “randomly” bought pack of chips. However, if you successfully get rid of excess weight, you intend to live a long time, and, if possible, happily, have to part with thoughts about starvation, too.


There is a need for a person; this biological fact cannot be changed neither in the interests of beauty, nor in any other. Moreover, to lose weight, you need to eat regularly – only under this condition the body agrees to part with accumulated reserves. Another thing – you need to eat moderate portions, not “royal”, but not scanty. With a lack of nutrition, hormonal mechanisms that preserve body fat are included. But if you eat, not skipping meals and observing approximately equal intervals between them, the weight moves from a dead center. Naturally, provided that you have made for yourself a balanced healthy menu, excluding the “empty” calories of fast food, pastries and sweets, and control the volume of servings. So, one of the best tips on how to lose weight quickly: automate your meals, schedule meals at the same time every day and set aside for lunch or dinner at least 30-40 minutes: you need to eat slowly for high-quality food . “Dear Diary! Tell me how to quickly lose weight by 10 kg? ”Any experienced nutritionist will tell you this – if you want to calculate an effective formula for yourself how to lose weight quickly, start a diary of your diet. Write down everything! “Dear Diary! Today I met a cutlet and ate it. The cutlet is not returned, but I dream that fate brought me together with someone like that, ”of course, the form of submitting information in a“ human document ”that allows you to log the process of losing weight and monitor its dynamics is left to the discretion of losing weight. The main thing is that your not artless recordings or, on the contrary, quick notes, give a complete idea of ​​what you did (or did not do) in a day for your figure. Being fixed, both flaws and achievements become obvious. Therefore, do not be lazy and be honest with yourself, and also do not forget that your positive diary experience can help someone else to lose weight quickly. By the way, if you are not among the fans of the epistolary genre, but are passionate about gadgets, there are many modern devices and applications that allow you not only to work out a suitable plan for yourself “What and how to do to lose weight quickly”, but also in a controlled manner to capture the number of completed steps eaten carbs and dropped kilos. But to accustom yourself to diet regime and begin to keep records about everything that you put in your mouth – this is only half the success on the way to lose weight quickly. We will give a few more practical tips that will greatly speed things up! So: How to lose weight quickly? Collecting “emergency kits” of snacks. It is a pity that the Hollywood blockbuster “Seduced by Food” has not yet been shot: this drama would have found a response in a multitude of hearts. The forbidden fruit is always sweet, and when hunger is on the threshold of the stomach, the thought of chewing a pack of cookies becomes incredibly powerful. And the additional problem lies in the fact that harmful snacks, which I would like to avoid, are more than available – they can be purchased at literally every step. You need to be a man with an iron will to run around the entire area in search of carrot sticks while the chocolate bar is waiting in the vending machine around the corner.


This problem is solved, and quite simply: if you are on the path to losing weight quickly, do not wait for a prediction As a problem, always carry a healthy snack. An apple, a handful of nuts without additives (cedar contain pinochle acid, one of the best natural means to suppress hunger), the notorious carrot sticks can easily wait in the hour in the desktop drawer and in the bag. If you are planning to lose weight quickly by 10 kg or more – it is highly desirable that your snacks include a protein product (yogurt, kefir, protein bar, etc.) The “out” food becomes an additional test: many restaurants as a compliment waiting for an order brings bread or snacks to the tables, the caloric content of which, with a small volume, is often comparable with the energy value of the dinner itself. Be on your guard and ask the waiter not to tempt you with fresh buns. Let better bring water without gas. How to lose weight fast? Find a company want to lose weight fast? Find friends by interests! A study conducted by a group of scientists from the University of Vermont (USA) showed that in a company of like-minded people, real or virtual, people lose weight faster. Science explains this effect by a number of factors: first, losing weight react positively to the support and approval of those who are not indifferent (and the entrance is ordered to losing weight), secondly, the competitive mechanism is activated, thirdly, having a slimming friend makes the whole process more structured, organized and allows you to share experiences. Of course, there is always the risk of making common mistakes, but then you will have to correct their consequences together, and this is much more fun. How to lose weight fast? Drinking and eating more fluid. The question “What to drink to lose weight quickly” is no less relevant than the question of food. Yes, a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice is very useful in the morning, and, perhaps, there is no need to refuse it. But for the rest of the day, make it a rule to drink only plain non-carbonated water. According to some reports, we get about 300 “unaccounted” kcal daily with juices, soda, flavored drinks, sweet tea and coffee. It is easy to count that in a year, thus, “runs over” almost 100 thousand extra calories! In addition, sugary drinks, especially cold ones, provoke a strong hunger (that is why in fast foods, soda is always served with a huge amount of ice) – despite the fact that sweetness and ice dull the taste buds, sugar in beverages causes a sharp “splash” of the hormone. insulin that makes the body think that it is on the verge of starvation. But the benefits of simple water are not only this: in order to lose weight quickly (or not very quickly, but still lose weight), you will inevitably have to reconsider the lifestyle and diet, which entails both psychological and purely physiological changes. Clean water not only helps to clean the intestines from the processing of fats and proteins, but is also necessary for the creation of new healthy muscle cells. Therefore, the full advice should probably be: to lose weight quickly, drink more water and less non-water. And also do not forget about the help that is ready to provide, if necessary, quickly lose weight rich in liquid food, which include vegetables, “poured” with water by themselves, and all sorts of liquid dishes, including soups, smoothies and mashed potatoes, giving a quality feeling satiety for a long time with a minimum of calories. How to lose weight fast? Go to the other end of the city and wash something by hand This advice in the selection of recommendations to those who want to lose weight quickly would look ridiculous, if not for the harsh truth of life – the modern man who relies on the help of modern machines not only in work, but also in household chores, not enough muscular effort and movement needed to waste calories. Is it a pity time for training or money for a subscription? Persistent hand washing, washing a window, or putting in a divine way a neglected shower cabin – a surprise – will help burn about 150 kcal! Even in the most well-kept dwelling there are always “weak spots” that a person’s hand does not reach, so there is always room for “therapy”. And the feeling of satisfaction visiting after you not only gave the work to your body, but also made a little better the space around you is truly priceless. By the way, simple walking is a decent aerobic load for those who want to lose weight quickly, but who are not inspired by the gym. But be careful – at Duke University (USA) found that increasing the length of the walk from the standard recommended thirty to forty-five minutes a day allows you to lose weight quickly, even without significant changes in the menu. Walk, in accordance with the wishes of American experts, should be in a variable rhythm, alternating an energetic step with a slower one. A walk before eating will “cut off” calories twice: helping to use up the body’s energy supply and reducing appetite. The last is not a mistake: the University of Glasgow partially refuted the stereotype of “feeding the appetite”, examining the behavior and feelings of a group of women undergoing treatment for obesity. Test subjects It was reported that 20 minutes of walking before a meal allowed them to quickly feel full, and medical tests showed that the accepted food was better absorbed. How to lose weight fast? Becoming a princess of spices Chili pepper contains the enzyme capsaicin, the effect of which in a grateful deed of fat oxidation has been proven by science. In addition, capsaicin has the ability to balance the sugar content in the blood (which makes it possible to avoid hunger flashes) and naturally brings a sense of fullness in the process of eating. If you are determined to lose weight quickly and revise your diet, using, as we advised, shopping list, add to it flakes of hot pepper or Tabasco sauce, allowing you to conveniently regulate the spice of food that is acceptable for you. But do not forget that red hot peppers are not recommended for those who suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Do you dream to lose weight quickly? Burning and “caustic” fragrant spices and the “right” fats – faithful helpers in losing weight! If red pepper is appropriate in salads and second courses, then in fruit and dairy delicacies, cinnamon works well as a metabolic boosting supplement useful for quick weight loss: tart powder perfectly replaces sugar, giving fruit salads and yogurts a pleasant aroma and flavor. By the way, cinnamon – the famous means to improve digestion. In eastern countries, erf, a decoration of cinnamon, serving not only as a natural digestif, but also a means for effective appetite suppression and portion control, is popular. How to lose weight fast? Give yourself a break from eating Many diets suggest a certain “X hour”, after which you can not eat. Often, nutritionists recommend literally closing the kitchen on a lock, for example, from eight in the evening to eight in the morning. Well, this idea fits perfectly with the idea of ​​losing weight quickly: giving up the evening and night raids on the fridge “cuts off” from 100 to 300 extra calories every day! Guerrilla raids to the refrigerator are dangerous not only on their own, but also as the cause of a series of fatal consequences. “Dragging tidbits” dramatically increases blood sugar, giving “cheap” energy. There is nowhere to eat her at night, but the ability to fall asleep does not have the best effect on eating. The result: a constant lack of sleep leads to an increase in the level of the stress hormone cortisol (which, as we remember, does not allow the body to expend fat reserves), and nightly insulin releases lead to a truly wolf’s morning hunger. How to lose weight fast? Ignore low-fat foods. Low-fat foods make you lose weight fast? Controversial! A minimum of fat does not always go hand in hand with low calorie content. Marketers have turned “fat-free” into a synonym for “diet” by exploiting images of health and harmony in advertising industrial products with a reduced percentage of fat. Since fat is a universal carrier of human notions about taste and satiety, as well as a natural preservation agent, manufacturers add sweeteners, flavors and starch thickeners to food that is devoid of it. Only cow’s milk of low fat content can be considered an exception: according to nutritionists, its consumption actually results in fewer calories, since in the production of nonfat milk, the raw material is simply diluted with water to the required percentage. How, then, to lose weight quickly, if you eat the products of normal fat? Keep track of the size of the portions and the composition of fats, preferring natural, unsaturated, not altered by hydrogenation. The general recommendation for a healthy diet is 60 grams of animals and 30 grams of vegetable fats per day, in order to lose weight quickly, this figure should be cut by 30% (in the stage of active weight loss). And at the same time, do not forget that meat products contain hidden, hidden fat, so the advice to choose lean pieces is not contradictory: meat without visible fatty streaks is not the same as an industrially fat product. How to lose weight fast? Throw “thick” clothes Lose weight, and preferably quickly, we want to look good: not only in the eyes of others, but also in their own. However, one does not wake up slim one day, even a quick weight loss is a smooth process, not an abrupt one. Why wait for the onset of “this” day, if you can bring it closer, at the same time increasing self-esteem and giving yourself additional acceleration and motivation for losing weight? Emphasize the first, even the most timid progress, the audit of the wardrobe. Ruthlessly put on the rags for the machine vague shapeless robes and change them to bright, fashionable, new. In order to emphasize the figure, it is not necessary to cover it at all – a good cut does not require model parameters. The recommendation also applies to (or “especially to”) home clothes: among native carpets, it is important to look fresh, toned and well-dressed. How to lose weight fast? Dr. Oz answers! Popular nutritionists always have the answer to the question “How to lose weight fast?” – in Probably because it is asked of them most often. American American cardiologist Mehmet Oz was a well-known specialist in thoracic surgery (chest surgery), but true fame came to him after he appeared as a health expert on the legendary Oprah Winfrey talk show. The doctor’s charisma and erudition, as well as the practical orientation of his advice, quickly turned Oz into a public favorite, and in 2009 he received the “possession” of his own 44-minute program “ Dr. Oz is famous for choosing the most pressing and debated issues for his programs. Guests of his show argue about genetically modified foods, arsenic in apple juice and the real benefits of super foods. And, of course, the constant theme of the show was “how to lose weight quickly.” Energetic Mehmet Oz to the delight of his fans does not stint on the drafting of his own name. One of the most famous was Dr. Oz’s fast-paced diet: a low-calorie, extremely low-carb diet plan that is recommended for two weeks. Judging by the enthusiastic response of bloggers, to lose weight quickly, using the “fast-paced diet”, can be 5-7 kg.




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