How to lose weight fast and well? quickly and well.


How to lose weight fast and well? Which slimming program to choose?

How to lose weight quickly and well, that is naturally and permanently? It is impossible to give a single answer. 3 main tips organize most slimming programs but criteria such as experience, motivation, availability, age, sex and personality require specific answers when you want to lose weight without medication, without doing a rigorous diet and without much effort.How to lose weight fast and well?

3 essential tips to lose weight without depriving yourself
The best diet to lose weight does not exist but the various solutions of to lose weight without diet, or at least without depriving oneself excessively and while remaining in good health, are based on 3 simple guidelines acting in synergy .

These three tips are to be followed together to lose fat and get closer to its ideal weight. So, what makes you lose weight for sure and in a sustainable way? …

First of all it is essential to have fun while moving
The first tip is the essential trigger for the slimming process. It is necessary to practice a physical activity with pleasure to burn calories and to be reconciled with one’s body while expressing its full potential. The production of endorphins during physical exercise and the reduction of cortisol, the main stress hormone, has a highly favorable effect on weight loss. The chosen sport does not matter, but it is preferable that it be practiced in a group composed of people with a very different physical profile for the emulation provided, the motivation generated and the well-being felt.How to lose weight fast and well?

We must also eat healthy by avoiding processed products

The second tip concerns the intake of calories and minerals. It must be based on unprocessed organic products that are richer in nutrients and more nutritious than the processed and impoverished products of the agri-food industry. This dietary program should ideally rely on the advice and monitoring of a professional graduate to avoid losing weight too quickly which is harmful in the long term.

It is finally necessary to muscle, to stretch and to mass to increase the metabolism

The third board guarantees physical health over the long term. It is advisable to practice daily specific exercises of musculation of moderate intensity without excessive effort at the beginning to retrain and high intensity thereafter to increase the metabolism of rest. We commit ourselves in this way to a healthy and active lifestyle up to a very advanced age. The bodybuilding program complements the sporting activity chosen. Stretching and roller massages facilitate lymphatic and synovial circulation, which is as beneficial for stimulating basal metabolism as it is for reducing chronic pain, such as back pain and osteoarthritis, due to a sedentary lifestyle.How to lose weight fast and well?

I want to lose weight! Should I eat less? … Exercise to lose weight is definitely better than starvation. It seems paradoxical a priori but diets and extreme diets are not a good way to lose weight. They have a short-term effect but do not address the main causes of excess fat, namely, the lack of a sports exercise program to lose weight and poor eating behavior … Read More Lose Weight with our 4 Home Sport Programs

Losing fat
Losing weight or losing belly fat and elsewhere?
Here are simple tips for losing fat, having a flat stomach and losing weight quickly and naturally staying in top shape. Click on the links below to discover the only methods that really work in the long term

You must increase the number of your mealsIt is important to eat less fatIt is not good to follow a high protein diet
Lose thighs
Losing thighs is possible in the long term without undue effort with proper nutrition, running exercises based on running, explosive weight training at the weight of the body, with a gym ball or fitness band. Read More Slimming Thighs: How to Lose Fatty Legs

Losing hips
To lose weight hips and lose love handles it is necessary to go on a low-calorie diet, muscle only transverse abdominals and play sports to burn calories.

how to lose love handles
Refine your hips quickly is possible by avoiding the muscles of oblique abdominals with heavy loads and concentric regime … Read More How to lose weight hips and lose love handles

Riding a bike to lose weight

Riding a bike to lose weight is very effective. Cycling increases our basic metabolism, improving muscle tone at the same time. It is an effective calorie burner cycling a beauty product accessible to all … Read More Ride a bike to lose weight. 5 programs Weight loss

How to build muscles to lose weight?
bodybuilding for weight loss
The relationships between bodybuilding and fat loss are not always very clear. It is effective to build muscle to lose weight but is it enough? … Read More: How to build muscles to lose weight?

Lose weight in adolescence
quick and easy solutions to lose weight in adolescence
How to lose weight in adolescence?  I am 15 years old. I measure 1m65 for 66kg, which I find too much. However, I do sports, tennis, twice a week. I would like to have a toned and firm body . Lose weight in adolescence with pleasure and without diet!

Lose weight while running
jogging or splitting to lose weight while running
You can lose weight quickly by choosing the right program. The exercises and the content of the running sessions differ if you are a beginner or regular runner. The following 2 questions illustrate this difference in approach to burn fat based on the level of expertise of practitioners … Read More Burn fat and lose weight running: Slow footing or split?How to lose weight fast and well?

Lose weight through sport
sport that makes you lose weight
To lose weight quickly doing sports is necessary but not enough. To lose weight, you have to play sports but by choosing the best activity and the best method for oneself, one that will burn calories and durably reduce fat while providing pleasure and self-confidence . How to lose weight while playing sports?

Which sport for losing weight ? Run !
run to lose weight
But above all it is necessary to be able to pass from running to lose weight to lose weight to run. How to lose weight while running? will be quickly replaced by How to lose weight to BETTER run and … not to stop! . What sport to lose weight? Running, jogging

Lose weight with a jump rope
program skipping rope to lose weight
The skipping rope is the perfect bodybuilding exercise to lose weight, have a flat stomach, burn calories and solve the problems of cellulite and venous return. Progressivity is essential to effectively follow a jump program . Skipping Rope and Squat to Lose Weight

Eat to lose weight
how to eat to lose weight
You do not have to eat less to lose weight naturally but you have to eat differently. To lose fat you have to eat, never resist hunger. To lose weight it is also necessary to eat slowly and prefer certain foods such as the apple to the detriment of sweets during an anti-weight diet … Read More What to Eat to Lose Weight – Efficient Foods and Diets

Lose weight without taking muscle
lose weight without getting muscular
Lose weight without getting muscular is my goal. I regularly attend my gym, between 4 and 5 times a week for about an hour each time. I would like to lose a few pounds in the belly, buttocks and especially thighs. To lose weight without gaining muscle my coach advised me to walk 10 minutes then 20 stepper and finally finish with 30 minutes of bike lying … Read More How to lose weight without sport increasing muscle volume

Lose fat and have drawn muscles
lose excess fat and have a muscular body
I would like to lose excess fat and have a muscular body, but I do not want to take too much volume, I would especially like my muscles to be well drawn .. How to lose fat and have drawn muscles.How to lose weight fast and well?



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