What if the partner disappears and calls after a few days?


Man’s erogenous zones: what are they?
What if the partner disappears and calls after a few days?

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It is no secret that women present some points of pleasure in the body. However, you may be surprised to know that the male body also has particular erogenous zones.

Orgasm is the relief and apex of sexual tension, and sexual tension is created through a gradual increase and variation of touch and pressure on points of pleasure.

Licking, biting and then combining sensations of heat and cold.

Discover the male erogenous zones that are perhaps missing from you.

Human erogenous zones

Many men love to touch their ears. It is often a neglected area that can instead relax and excite them.

Just try to put your thumb and forefinger in the part where the earlobe joins the face.
At this point, pull slightly down and let your fingers slip and then repeat the movement again. Flood it with sensual words and let it excite by touching the lobes.
Whether you use your fingers, lips or teeth, be gentle and you will certainly get a satisfying result.

Low abs
Abdominal lows.

Start with the navel and move your hand south. As the blood flows towards the pelvic area and the sexual tension builds up, this becomes a good area to stimulate.

Switching from your genitals to other areas and then back to the genitals will generate sexual tension throughout the body.

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Inner thighs.

Think inside the thigh as a “gift card”. Touching this area can cause you a very pleasant feeling.

Slowly move your fingertips up and down on the inside of the thighs.
Follow the contours of the muscles, sensually moving the index and the middle up and down in this area.
Add some light strokes before pressing the palm of the hand on the top of the muscle and then begin again with the fingers.
The mind
A woman whispers to a man
Yes, there is also the mind among the erogenous zones of man. Whisper something sexy in his ear. When she starts to get mentally excited, her body follows her in a circle.

Nuca and neck.

A feather, fingers or any other light touch on the neck and in the area of the clavicle can increase its excitement. It is also recommended to mix the two things.

Try to stimulate two erogenous zones at the same time. For example, gently caressing his neck or nibbling an earlobe while letting your hands fall southward.
Be creative. Some men adore when they gently pass their fingers just under the hairline.


Man and woman kissing each other
Kisses should never be taken for granted but savored at any time.

Sacred bone.

Making your man go crazy with pleasure creates an increasingly sexy atmosphere. Find out how to do it with one of the erogenous zones of the male body that is not so obvious.

The sacrum is the small triangle located at the end of the spinal cord, just above the buttocks. Try to caress it or to pass your fingers or nails on it.


A woman losing a man’s trousers
The penis is known to be the most sensitive male erogenous zone. But it is not to be considered as a unique area, in the sense that there are four areas that you can stimulate.

On each of these areas, however, you must perform a different stimulation to cause maximum excitement:

The tip responds better to friction, suction, and warmth.
The member itself, particularly the lower part, reacts to caresses and friction.
The part located just below the tip, at the bottom, is incredibly sensitive and can generate great excitement.
so it needs a little more pressure rather than light taps.


Many women mistakenly believe that the testicles are hot spots for men, but the truth is that they are not the testicles but the tissue around them.

If you focus on the testicles, man can find it quite painful. This means that it is essential to manage this area gently. For more pleasure, follow the line that runs along the center.


Man and woman in intimacy
which is located at the opposite end of the prostate. By massaging it gently, it is possible to stimulate human G-spot indirectly. However, be careful, your man may also be against crossing this line, so go ahead slowly and read his reactions.

Male G-spot.

It is a gland located behind the testicles that, if stimulated, can make its orgasm much more intense.

However, since it is inside the body, it is not easy to reach. It is possible to do this through the anal opening, which is why many men would not agree, so it is better to talk to him first.


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