Types of fat present in our body of a man or a woman.


Types of fat present in our body.

There are different types of fat that can accumulate in our body, in different places. Furthermore, typology affects the fact of being a man or a woman.
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You will have happened, doing physical activity, to lose weight only in one area of the body, while the others remained unchanged. This is due to the various types of fat that our body can accumulate and which is not, so to speak, the same on the stomach and on the legs. For this reason, weight loss exercises must be targeted.

For a long time the fats have been put on the cross because they are guilty of our obesity or the fact that the bikini is not as good as we hoped. However, we must also bear in mind that we need it! So let’s see what are the types of fat that can affect us.

Fat is not our enemy.

Always admitted that it is present in a reduced percentage and, therefore, healthy (3% for men and between 8% and 12% for women), fat allows us to survive as it protects vital organs. The body uses the rest to derive energy when we make an effort or activity. Types of fat present in our body of a man or a woman.

Types of fat.

For this reason, in addition to the extra pounds we see on the scales, it is important to know how much fat contains our body. This is because even after a few weeks from the beginning of regular physical activity, we may still have the same weight – if not higher than usual – despite having transformed the fat reserves into muscle mass.

Not all of us accumulate fat in the same way: it is normally the woman who stores reserves on her hips, while man tends to accumulate on his stomach. Nevertheless, there are exceptions that see women with belly fat and men with big thighs.

Tell me where you accumulate fat and I’ll tell you how to dispose of it
Abdominal fat

Starting from the fact that a little ‘fat in the body does not hurt (indeed!), But you must know what are the different points where “the villain of the film” makes its appearance and accumulates, causing problems both to our health and on an aesthetic level.

Basically, the body stores three main types of fat, classifiable according to the area of ​​the body in which it appears, and other three secondary ones, which depend on the function they perform and the age in which they appear:

Types of fat present in our body.

1. Visceral fat.

Also known as abdominal fat, it accumulates between the organs of the abdomen and in addition to being the most difficult to eliminate, it is also the most dangerous, as associated with obesity, diabetes and heart attacks! Types of fat present in our body of a man or a woman.

It is usually more common in men than in women and to reduce it we must choose high-intensity exercises such as HIIT, Crossfit or boxing. This type of training has the effect of accelerating the metabolism and burning fat (not only those of the belly, but also those of other parts of the body).

2. Peripheral fat.

It accumulates between the lower and upper limbs and is also called “soft or subcutaneous fat”, precisely because it accumulates below the skin. Although it does not accumulate between the organs, this fat affects a larger area of ​​the body. It is usually more common in women, especially on buttocks and hips.

In order to reduce this type of fat (which is not an easy task) we can perform strengthening exercises to transform it into muscle mass. However, we pay attention to this point: if we want to lose weight on the thighs we can not only train the legs: the training must be complete. By doing so, you will see that little by little the fats will melt and disappear. Types of fat present in our body of a man or a woman.

3. Intramuscular fat.

It is positioned between the muscle fibers and compared to the other two types of fat, it is the one that accumulates in less quantity. It is present in both the male and female bodies, and goes hand in hand with aging. We could say that there is no need to reduce it, unless it causes health problems. Good habits and a balanced diet can help you a lot.

It is important to know that the type of fat that our body accumulates changes with age. When we are children we tend to store that type of fat that produces energy and that accelerates in our metabolism. In adulthood, we accumulate that fat which tends to be stored, but which we need only if we spend days without eating; as we age, the so-called “beige fat” appears, a combination of the other two types of fat.

Finally, keep in mind that fat can accumulate in different parts of the body, depending on habits and nutrition. If, for example, we eat a lot of sugars, it will tend to be seen on the lower abdomen; while if we spend many hours sitting, it will increase on the buttocks; if, finally, we notice that it accumulates on the stomach, on the arms and on the double chin, it is due to the excessive quantities of food that we ingest.


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